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Logistics through innovation, dedication and technology.

ARK Logistics is one of the pioneers in Central Warehousing and C&F Agency with top class carrying & forwarding services from the warehousing facilities.

The Central warehousing & C&F Agency business operates over 150000 sq. ft. warehousing space at multiple sites at Bhiwandi, Maharashtra near Mumbai by ARK Logistics & it’s associates.

ARK Logistics is the principal and operates with the following associates.

  • VR Logistics
  • MBK Logistics
  • Zeeshan Incorporation
  • Zeesh Logistics

Reputed companies like Alivira Animal Health Ltd., Vetoquinol India Animal Health Pvt. Ltd., Glamac International Pvt. Ltd., Nestle India Ltd., Godrej Ltd. & Hershey chocolates have put their faith in the ability of ARK Logistics & it’s associates to take care their logistic needs.

ARK Logistics is one of the first to establish themselves in the logistics domain of Veterinary pharmaceuticals and gradually expanded their operation in consumer durable & other sectors.

ARK Logistics recently acquired ISO 9001: 2015 certification with their high-quality services & compliance.


Organizational Chart of ARK Logistics

Systems & Processes

At ARK Logistics, the operations are managed through well- defined & documented processes to ensure smooth flow of goods & services and thus bringing an error free servicing to various customers in the region & across the country. Well trained & professional staff maintains the operations. Regular in-house training sessions are conducted for the existing & new members of staff, which ensures a smooth & standard workflow. Process charts are displayed at prominent locations for ease to follow and to help existing as well as new staff coming in the organization.

Our internal audit team conducts regular and periodic audits of the activities.

All operations are as per ISO guidelines.

Standard flow chart of few processes:

  • Stock receipt / Inward process (From Company)
  • Order process (From Stockist)
  • Customer claims – Expired / damage goods return
  • Customer Claims – Saleable returns
  • Physical verification of stock
  • Document dispatch / received

Customer Relationship

At ARK Logistics & Associates, customer comes first. We believe that customer satisfaction is the main objective of our business.

We have implemented “Customer Care” Project recently. Through this project, we take feedback on our service at regular intervals. Based on feedback we take corrective actions where ever required.

Under this project, we follow a very comprehensive process of customer complaints redressal. Any complaint received is recorded and responded immediately. Measures are taken to avoid recurrences. The complete process is well documented. We have appointed a dedicated Manager – Customer service for this activity.